Vegas Over – Bad Run Continues in Texas

Hey Everyone!

Well, the poker trip is sadly over. In the end, I pretty much broke even – Which feels like a HUGE win believe it or not. Within 1 week, I lost with the 2nd or 3rd nuts against the nuts in coolers at least 4 times… Generally those are guaranteed wins, and should they have won, I would have ended up well over $2k up. But of course, poker isn’t always fair, and I feel like I should have recorded a $1k loss based on some of the hands this week. I only won hands BEFORE showdown which is usually a good indication of either bad play, or bad luck. Seeing as I never went to showdown with weak pairs, I’d definitely put this down to bad luck…!

It’s been very far from a wasted trip though after meeting some awesome people. The guys I met last week at the rock festival were great fun and I certainly look forward to gigging with them again in the future, but I also met a very interesting person at the poker table – Someone who has a biomedical science degree (I can’t remember the exact title unfortunately) and then moved to Vegas to play full time. This is one of the reasons I absolutely love Vegas though… You get all sorts of people from all forms in life together in a small vicinity (the strip). I mean hell, even in the bar at the Excalibur at 4am I ended up chatting to a guy who is a DOTA 2 player – What are the chances of that!?!

As you may have seen from FB statuses, I haven’t had a great trip to Texas so far. It started with my flight to Dallas being delayed meaning I would potentially miss the last flight to Austin. When I got to Dallas, I managed to JUST get on the plane, which was then delayed for an hour on the runway!! Sigh. Finally got to my hotel at 1am after a 30 min cab, but it didn’t end there. I walked into the hotel and got greeted by the manager “Ah, Mr Sugarman!” – Well, I have to admit, at this point I thought “wow, getting greeted in person – That’s nice!”. But now I know why..

I was informed that as it was football weekend, a few rooms had overstayed and thus they did not have any available rooms even though it was already paid for. They arranged for me to stay in another hotel 40 minutes away and offered to pay the cab. SIGH. Back in the cab, and 40 mins later I check in to the crappiest dump I’ve ever stayed in…! Well, I was in a bad mood so I watched some of the Obama/Romney debate to cheer me up (nothing like a bit of late night comedy on TV).

I’m now back in my original hotel (room upgraded of course) – Currently watching the Giants comeback against Cleveland with my feet up relaxing. This feels pretty good. Will head to the Austin Capitol building soon as my poker friend has recommended, and chill out before the madness begins tomorrow for the Game Developer Conference.

Catch up soon!

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