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Windows Live Messenger 2011 Causing Slow Computer? Not Anymore

Hi Everyone

So with Windows Live Messenger 2011, quite a few problems came with it! A much bulkier version of messenger caused a lot of performance problem including slow down’s and freezes quite commonly. I get asked over and over how to resolve this….

Well, if this is happening to you, here is your definitive guide to fixing it

Firstly, switch the main messenger window to compact view by clicking on your name from the main messenger window which bring up a drop down menu. From that select “use compact view”.

Secondly, turn off the extended footer on your messenger window (this removes the flash adverts at the bottom, which cause big problems). To do this go to Tools > Options > Messages and uncheck the tickbox “Show Extended Footer on Message Windows”

Finally, close messenger (fully) and run the below:
http://apatch.org/files/index.php?ACT=dl&id=24 (thanks to P Maude for this!)

This is a patch that allows you to disable certain features. When you open it up, select “Remove Advertisements” (Both of them) and also remove other things you don’t necessarily want, then click save.

Now re-open messenger and job done! No flash adverts anywhere causing freezes and crashes, and a much cleaner friendlier windows live messenger!

Hope this helps, if anyone has any questions let me know.


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