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Trial Update – Statements To Be Exchanged

For those of you that have been following the progress of the lawsuit I’ve filed against a Mr Michael <surname excluded> from <company name excluded> ltd who lives at <address excluded>, I’ve decided to blog the updates rather than tell everyone individually.

So for those who don’t know, before the summer of 2008 while I was in Leeds, driving down Scott Hall Road on a Saturday late afternoon to go out for a meal with Suzzi and Josh (Friend has the same name if you didn’t know..), and suddenly a very very aggressive driver appears in a BMW X5 swerving around flashing, beeping trying to get past though there was no room. To cut a long story short, he was throwing coins at my car and then caused a crash, instantly driving off straight after leaving my car in a mess. Got his number plate, his alibi was “I think I was in bed at the time”, and police closed the case with no further leads.

Thanks to my insurance provider giving free legal cover (Thanks Endsleigh!), we’re now issuing court proceedings against the bugger.

Statements are now due to be exxchanged within the next 9 days, so I’m looking forward to seeing his full and detailed defence (or lack of..!)

Meanwhile the proposed trial window was for March while I’ll be working in the states. The lawyer has made a request to postpone the trial to late June (I’ll be back for a while around then to apply for a new Visa most likely), and he seems pretty confident this won’t be an issue but we’ll have to see.

Now as you can see I’ve excluded sensitive information such as names, company and address details.

I’m tempted to actually include those but on ths risk of libel I imagine I’d have to change my blog to say I claim that the incident occured, until its proven in a court of law? I shall ask a lawyer friend to clarify this and based on the results, his personal information will be published, ensuring I’m protected.

It was a couple grand of damage, and though I’ve moved on from it physically and financially, I’m not letting this drop for the one simple reason… He thinks he got away with it. He thinks he can drive around like a manic with road rage drunk or something, crash into people, throw coins at their cars, and suffer no reprocusion? I imagine they have insurance which would pay out should they lose, but the fact that the court will rule the defendant as responsible will be victory enough regardless of the figure given out.

In all honesty I don’t hold many grudges. People I’ve hated in the past I’ve got over by realising the reasons for whatever action was taken which led to me hating them… However in this case, it’s a bit different. He’s purposly breaking the law (again and again by lieing), and the only person it’s benefiting is himself. I’m 100% sure regardless of the outcome of this trial, his life must be pretty darn awful if he has to participate in such events to feel good…

Anyway stay tuned for a name and address…!


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