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Vegas Summary – Viva Las Vegas!

I’ve now returned from my 5 day poker binge in Vegas so just thought I’d summarise the trip really! I’ll split it into 2 sections for the none poker geeks that are reading 🙂


Ok, there’s actually not that much here. The weather was hoooot, the hotel room was really nice (stayed at Tropicana), and generally it was a really good vacation and came away with a load of cash! What more can you ask for from a trip to Vegas? Also met a few semi-pro’s that live there, which is pretty awesome – Nice to have friends in places like that!

In terms of poker on a basic level, I had a pretty awful start to the holiday. The first 2 days saw me $400 down very quickly, but I made it all back plus a hell of a load more, so it worked out good in the end. Hopefully I’ll be revisiting in 3 to 4 weeks and building up that bankroll!


Ok now for the technical stuff! So let’s start with the first session I played – I sit with KcKs and a $200 stack.. Raise to $15 from early position with one caller, so the pot sitting at about $33 – rake. Flop,  Tc 5h 2c. Turn, 7c.

By this point the pot was big enough to justify the all in, so we got the chips in and he turns over QdQs meaning the only one card in the deck that will win it for him is the Qh as the Qc would give me a flush… He literally had a one outer and about a 2.5% chance. Yup, he hit. OUCH! So that was the start…

It turned around on the saturday though when I played KQ of hearts on a 952 board with 2 hearts. Checked to me in a 4 way pot which I’d raised to $15 pre flop. I put in a standard C-bet due to the amount of outs I had if I got called.. though I didn’t expect 2 calls and then an all in! It ended up around $170 for me to call a pot over $700… so I didn’t feel like I had a choice at this point as I figured any heart is good, with the K or Q making it possible too. Either way I called, so did one other guy, to show JJ and TT. Any KQ or heart and I win.. Hit the King and took down a pot over trippling my stack and putting me in the profit!

From then on it was up up up. Every session was a winning session ranging from $150 to $1000! On the sunday night session I even hit quad 6’s for a $150 high hand bonus which was nice to add! The final session though with the $1k profit is definitely my most memorable and best session ever. I didn’t actually get that many good hands, but when I did, I played them correctly and read other players correctly. Take my pocket kings again… A new guy to the table raises to $10, I re raise to $25 and he calls. The flop comes 345 – The caller checks to me (this is his 2nd hand at the table so I have no idea how he plays). I bet $30and he insta calls. The turn comes a 6. He checks to me again, I bet $60 and he raises all in….

So the flop shows 3456 thus any 2 or 7 makes a straight. Its a rainbow board so I don’t have to worry about the flush. The hands I’m worried about are AA, 77, 22, 66, 55 (maybe), possibly adding A2 and A7 as I’m not sure if he’s as passive as the normal fish in Vegas (who would call with A2 and A7) – There is also 78/67 that people tend to call with sometimes.

However, let’s take his play. He raises to $10 but then calls an extra $15. That takes away the 67/78/A2/A7 and maybe even pocket 2’s and 5’s. He could definitely have AA, but he would have taken the same line with 88,99,TT,JJ,QQ or AA, thus if I put him on an overpair I HAVE to call here.

So I think for ages, I put him on an overpair… said “I’m calling as I think you have 8’s”. I call, he shows pocket 8’s and I take a sweet $600 pot…. I do wonder if I had ten’s whether I would have made the same play though as then, if I put him of an overpair I sort of have to fold with that logic!

I took $600 of my roll to vegas and have come away with $2400 taking my total roll to a healthy level. I’m hoping to build it up and be playing the 5/10 games in a years time, as the buy in’s are only $500 thus only $15k required, which isn’t out of reach. Hopefully skill will prevail and I can keep building it up without taking too many hard hits!
Well, that’s all folks!

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