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I pirate music – Will bands hate me?

Ok, on the face of it the answer will be yes. I download music illegally, and thus the band doesn’t receive the royalty. Technically, I’m a criminal.

Now let’s look into it a bit deeper. In my case, I go to a LOT of gigs. Gigs not only cost a lot more than an album, but a bigger percentage of income from gigs go to the bands rather than albums which goes to record labels.

A lot of these bands I see are quite small in England, such as Escape the Fate for example who I’m seeing for the second time in a few weeks. Without downloading their music illegally, I would never have heard of them. Without hearing their music, I would never be going to their gig, thus bands are getting more money from me because I download their music illegally…

In fact, the ONLY bands losing out, are ones where I download their music illegally and don’t like it so I don’t go see them – But for me, that’s what life is about. You don’t like something so you’re not going to pay for it! No one buys clothes that don’t fit right? Why should music be any different?

There are a lot of people that download music and don’t see gigs – I’m not justifying what they do, but to be honest I’m a bit tired of an older generation looking badly at me personally because I download music illegally. Do some maths, work it out – Here are the gigs I’ve been to see below:

Shinedown (times 3)
Papa Roach (times 3)
The Crave (times 2)
Stone Sour
Avenged Sevenfold
Alter Bridge
The Veer Union
Puddle of Mud
Foo Fighters
Theory Of A Deadman
Escape The Fate
Hollywood Undead
Drowning Pool
Digital Summer
The Subways
The Strokes
System Of A Down
Marilyn Manson
Eminem & D-12 (A loooong time ago!)


Papa Roach
Escape The Fate

I’d average each gig at about $40 to $50… You do the maths 🙂

Just to finish on a good note, a vid of my most recent gig below. Stone Sour (singing through the glass!)

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