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Poker Trip Update – Mental Lessons

In many ways, this week so far has maybe the toughest week of poker I’ve ever had. I’ve played the best poker I think I’ve ever played, and over 5 times in the past few days I’ve ended up in pots worth over $500 as a 90% favourite or more. 4 of those times I was outdrawn though. It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to work out that losing 4 out of 5 times as a 90% favourite is pretty damn sick!

And that sums up my week in many ways.. No matter how many great decisions I’ve made in terms of long term profitability, the cards just haven’t fallen. That’s what statistical variance is and the only way to get over it, is to play more!

Well, I bring good news. Today things turned around and I made around $600 from 2 sessions. Within the session I actually lost an $800 pot with a full house as well, but this puts me $150 up overall for the week so far.

Now, $150 isn’t a lot don’t get me wrong. But let’s look at it this way – I’ve had the worst run of cards I think I’ve ever experienced, lost hands I should have won time and time again for gigantic pots, and yet somehow I’m actually UP over the week?! I worked out that if 50% of the big pots I lost went the other way, I’d be over $2k up by now, but that’s poker 😉

This is a good lesson of controlling the mind. You may make perfect decisions mathematically, and yet lose huge amounts of money, but what’s important is to carry on making good decisions and not let it affect you. Obviously a lot of people get worked up about the fact they’ve lost $$$$, but the reality is, that $$$$ should be part of your poker bankroll, thus it makes no difference to your day to day life whether you win or lose. That way you can have a clear conscience, a clear mind and make a recovery. Today proved that.

I don’t want to speak too soon. I have 2 days left of poker where I hope to get at least 4 sessions in at $1/$2. Based on how well they go will determine how successful the week will be in total, and a bad run can certainly last longer than a few days, but right now I feel great about my poker and I can’t wait to get back at the tables tomorrow!

Anyway, it’s 6.20am right now, I just got back from the Venetian, so I better get some rest before it all starts all over again!!!

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