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The Unluckiest Month Ever?

This month is starting to really turn unlucky for me!

It started off with a cash game at Alea’s in Leeds. As a 98.3% favourite on a flop of AK3 (rainbow) where I held AK against AQ in a £375 pot, the turn was a J and river was a T… One of the only 3 combinations of cards I could lose to.

Then online it got no better, with some absolutely huge outdraws over and over again. In 4 long sessions of poker every premium hand lost (or picked up the blinds pre flop)… Including sets..!

Then this weekend, I bet on Chelsea who go 1 – 0 against Man City in the opening minute, miss a penalty and lose 2 – 1… Then I bet on spurs against an injury ridden Everton. Spurs go up 2 – 0, Everton make it 2 – 2 in the last 2 minutes.. Then spurs miss a penalty in injury time to win it.

So as you can see, I’ve been pretty darn unlucky!

Now the positives.. I haven’t made a loss in anything! The poker buy-in was paid for by winnings, and the bets on the footy also from winnings of previous bets. Bankroll management in Poker is incredibly important but also in general life! Many people will have a bad run and go bankrupt, so at least I’m treading sensibly and even with my incredibly bad run, I still have plenty held back for my Vegas roll!

Something has to happen soon for this luck to turn around. With the B-1 Visa Interview on Thursday, I think that would be pretty darn good timing… Don’t you?!

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