The Start

Hello World!

It’s time for a blog. The world is changing, including my own life, and it’s happening at such a pace that I hardly have time to figure out my own thoughts on certain events! Spending some time writing things down I imagine will demonstrate my opinions on certain situations and provide at least a sort of interesting read to any random stumblers of this page!

I start off this trend by talking about America, which is the place I’ll be moving to within the next 2 months (more specifically, San Francisco). I’m a bit of a poker nut, and along with incredibly friendly people, much better whether than here in Leeds, and a certain culture which should bring some more enjoyment to life, I’m quite excited…

Visa’s are a bit annoying however. For now I can only go for the B-1 worker visa which is a 6 month fixed thing. Once I’ve completed this, I would have been at the company for a year and can apply for a more long term L-1…! So I’m starting the application process on Monday and I’m actually REALLY nervous! I mean, if it gets rejected then the next part of my life has just been turned upside down, so I’m a bit worried, but realistically it shouldn’t be a problem.

Anyway, I’m still recovering from a very rough weekend which involved a bit too much drinking, too little sleep, and really things that you should just avoid, so I’m going to spend sometime spicing up this blog with nice colours and plugins before going any further.

Note that though I’ve spelt colours the correct “English” way, once I’ve moved I’ll have to make a concious effort to spell it “color”… Just one of the many things in life that will change once the move takes place!

So thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy any future thoughts of mine!

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