Rock On \m/

So I’ve been going through a complete heavy grunge/metal/rock phase for the past few years now. Now that I’m a working guy instead of a student, I can afford gigs and they’ve been coming thick and fast including:

Shinedown (times 3)

The Crave (times 2)

Papa Roach (times 3)


Theory Of A Deadman


Adding to this list tomorrow night comes Escape The Fate and Hollywood Undead. Must admit, I’m more looking forward to the support band (Escape), as they’re simply one of the best metal bands I’ve heard…!

A lot of people stereotype heavy metal with extreme characteristics.. Drugs, alcohol, basically activities conflicting with a “good society”. Though I think heavy metal has been such a crucial and important part of me becoming.. well.. me!

If I listened to Girls Aloud, Busted and Britney Spears every day, I’d be a completely different person. My dress sense would be different, my general moods, social circle etc… Sure I have a “fiery” personality, but is that such a bad thing when controlled to a mosh pit or a 3 hour drive on the M6?

A lot of people are scared of letting go and getting angry, though all this will do is ensure the aggression is released in unexpected and unwanted methods. A good example is on the poker table. When I lost a hand with a 98% chance of winning, I laughed, sighed, congratulated the guy (while feeling sick in side), and through this made friends and enjoyed what I could of the rest of the evening. The Chinese man sat to my right lost a hand which he deserved to lose. He swore, thanked the dealer sarcastically, and walked away sighing.

Now if you saw those 2 reactions, would you really think I’m the one that listens to death metal thrashing it out?

What inspired this blog was reading more comments about how heavy metal is bad. How moshing is dangerous (well durrr), and how the music causes such negative events such as murders and violence. This also brings me back to articles how video games basically do the same thing. It’s just incredible that people can judge and stereotype without any evidence to support the theory.

When someone shows me that people who mosh are generally more likely to commit violent crimes, I’ll reconsider my choice of genre. Until then, I heard about a guy who committed a murder after listening to Jedward… If you really want to go after a group of fans..!

So for now.. Rock On Bitches’ \m/ \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/\m/

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My Poker World

Poker is a rather large hobby of mine (quote hobby, though I’m sure most people would rather use the term addiction *cough*)

Either way, I love to make money, and I love trying to outsmart people. Just so happens in poker they both come together!

While playing online, offline in English casinos, offline in Vegas casinos, or anywhere else, I’ll use this section of my blog site to record sessions and thoughts.

Unfortunately it starts off in a bad tone after coming off the unluckiest session I’ve ever had. Though I did hit 3 sets, and 2 top 2 pairs within the space of 200 hands, every one lost and unfortunately, each one cost an entire stack. But there we go, this is poker, this is variance!

Now though I’m sure most people would quickly say “poker is purely a game of luck”, my adventures to prove them wrong will certainly be an interesting one…!

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