Gig Update

Hey hey!

So it’s ¬†been a few months, and I figured I’d record my latest gigs. The below is updated from a previous post:

Shinedown (times 3)

Papa Roach (times 3)

The Crave (times 2)

Foo Fighters


Theory Of A Deadman


Escape The Fate

Hollywood Undead

Drowning Pool


Digital Summer



The Subways

The Strokes

System Of A Down

Marilyn Manson

Eminem & D-12 (A loooong time ago!)

To Come:

The Veer Union

Puddle of Mud



So far, my favourites definitely include:
Shinedown – Just amazing live

Papa Roach – Jacoby is craaazy

Skindred & Drowning Pool – Simply for the absolute rock the fuck outness…

And they say piracy is killing music? Most of these bands I would have never seen had I not torrented the album. Now adding up all the costs per gig at an average of $40 a gig, that makes just under $1000 – Instead of just $100 plus a few albums which is what it would have been…! Idiots!!!

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