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As a brief background, several weeks ago I had a pretty appalling experience at Gala’s Westgate Casino in Leeds. The night involved awful management of waiting lists, rule breaking/cheating and drunks abusing the table without warning – Felt more like a pub run poker night rather than a casino in effect so wasn’t a good start. To say it was only the 2nd time I’ve ever been it did concern me whether this is something common! So I blogged, and tweeted, and Gala read and replied…

I received an email last night from the general manager of Gala Leeds, and it was without doubt the best piece of customer service I’ve ever received. He sent me a very long apology, detailing where the shortcomings were, why they were missed, and how they’d be resolved. He detailed where the casino is going in the future technology wise to help with some of the issues, but also informed me rules had been changed ASAP to prevent the situation from reoccurring in the casino.

I guess one of the major reasons I was impressed, is I felt like the manager was ashamed of what had happened that night which made me feel like the casino treats poker and it’s members very seriously indeed.

The email finished with an invitation to have a drink with him to discuss other ways to improve the poker and the general experience for their players going forward to achieve the same time of success American casino’s see daily. Here I am, just a Joe Bloggs poker player with a chance to chat and give advice to a senior staff member at the biggest casino chain in England on how to further improve in the future!

With social media has come a new age of user engageent, where a big corporate company is praised not only because of their product or service, but because of how they engage with the little people of this world. Hats off to Gala casino indeed – They’ve made me feel like they care about poker and more importantly me! I’ll be certainly back there playing poker now that I know rules are in place to prevent any repeat of the events the previous visit.

Thanks Gala and a big thank you to the staff behind @my_casinos (The gala casino social media department) for picking up my blog and getting action on it!


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