Final Vegas Summary

Hello Everyone!

I’m now sitting in my hotel room in LA (there for work) after a crazy week… Pulled an all nighter at The Venetian for my last night in Vegas thanks to Wendy’s brilliant idea! It was VERY worth it too ;). The game got incredibly soft at around 3am, and won most of my profit from the week in the next few hours!

So in total this weekend I made $1801, which is $1 more than the last Vegas trip.. so my bankroll is up a healthy $3601 after my last 2 Vegas visits.. (put together the money I made from my first Vegas trip and it’s a plus of over $5000!). This is all for poker though and I’m still trying to build by bankroll to play 2/5 No Limit. The max buy-in is $500 usually, which means I need a minimum of $15,000 (30 buy ins) if I’m going to be rolled for that game. I’m still a good few thousand away from that, but hopefully I can get there by the end of the year…!

I plan to go back in July sometime… Need to try and get some time off work first. Next stop after LA is England May 13th. I have somebody to sue mwahahah. Still need to find out 1) Where I’m staying and 2) Whether I’m going to rent a car or not.. hmmmm

The one big hand that I’d like to share is posted at 2+2:
(I’m PazzoRilancio)
Basically, some guy goes all in against my 99, but he’d done it a couple of times so a weaker pocket pair or just a random connected hand could be in his range. Took me frickin ages to call, but I did… He had AQ and my 99 held up for a $200 pot at 4am… That feels good haha…

So yes, Vegas was good. REALLY good. I’m playing well, and though I’m positive I’m missing a lot of bluffing opportunities, for my level and sticking to what I know best poker, I’m still making a huge profit. Next time I go however, I’m going to step it up a bit and start taking a few more risks. It will mean higher variance and quite possibly a loss but I need to get myself enough experience for the higher levels, and picking times to bluff is an important one. The first thing I need to do is open my range against loose players, and next thing I need to do is attack tight players a little more if they C-Bet etc…

Lastly I’ve made a change to my blog. You can now login using your facebook/twitter/msn/gmail account! That means you don’t have to sign up to leave a comment. Not that my blog is very comment provoking, but it was just a nice little feature.

See you all real soon..!!!

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