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Gala Casino Problems – Typical of England?

Hi All,

Had a recent trip to the local Gala casino in Leeds for a cash session. My experience was, well, to be blunt, horrible. There’s a clear difference between how UK casinos see poker in comparison to the rest of the word and it simply leads me to ask the very simply question, why? My session was a winning one, yet I walked away feeling pretty angry, on tilt, and in fact went home at 4am and watched Rounders in HD to make me feel good about poker again..!

The night started off with a shambles of a waiting list. There was a piece of paper and a pen on an empty table, so my friend Dave and I wrote our names down (10th names downish) and decided to wait and see what would unfold. There was no floor manager walking around, and simply 2 £0.50/£1 tables (resembling $1/$2). On table 2 there was an empty seat… We decided to watch for a while, see what happens. 20 minutes later that seat was still empty, and in fact another one had opened up as well. There was no one stood around, no one claiming any of the empty seats, and the dealer not doing anything to signal it was reserved. Naturally, Dave and I decided to sit down.

Upon sitting down, 2 guys came up to us, and started complaining as they were a few names above us on the waiting list. I exclaimed that the seat I’d taken had been open up 20 minutes and no one had claimed it, to which the response was simply “it doesn’t matter, I was earlier than you on the list.” I ask Maddie, the dealer at the table, what her thoughts were as I’d imagine this decision is up to the people running the place to which she replied in quite a moody tone:
“It’s not up to me… Though he’s earlier so you should move”

I was a little stunned in all honesty. What she was saying in essence, was that empty seats are reserved indefinitely, and that players on the list have priority even after a seat has been taken…. To prevent alienating myself further, I gave up the seat and continued to wait.

Shortly after, a man with a stud earing who looked more like he was ready for a night out rather than running a casino floor walked past. He seemed to be some sort of boss as he mostly sat behind a desk next to the roulette tables… (If this is the poker desk, why is it in the roulette area..?). Anyway, I asked him about the waiting list and he explained higher people have priority. I explained the situation and how it was quite unfair, to which he replied “ok” and turned his back to me and walked off… To be fair, I was very friendly and trying to provide some constructive criticism, to which he was simply not interested.

Unfortunately the night got worse…

When sat at the table, 3 quite drunk men came and sat to the right. I’m used to drunks at a poker table from my time in Vegas, so this is nothing new. I knew I’d have to put up with some swearing, a bit of abuse, and a bit of blatant cheating… What I didn’t exepct was for these 3 things to happen almost every hand for 2 hours with no repercussions.

I’m going to repeat just a couple of phrases that were used without any response from one of the 2 dealers that dealt (one of them being our earlier Maddie):
1) “If you fucking call I’m going to fucking knock you out”
2) “This dealer is fucking shit. He’s not cut out for this fucking level” (due to one mistake talking about dealing a 0.50/1 game at a local casino in Leeds…. not the WSOP final table…)
3) “FUCK, I folded XX”

Now, I like to think I’m fair, and I can ignore the odd statement, but it was literally every hand, and for 2 or 3 hours not one dealer said anything… If a player complained, maybe something would be done about it, but why should I have to publicly complain and alienate myself to enforce that rules are in place?

Let’s compare this to a recent trip to Edgewater Casino in Vancouver, Canada.

I went into the place – There was an LCD screen with the waiting list on and all the tables for that cash game. I went to the clearly marked poker desk and added my name. I was given a buzzer and when a seat free’d up, it buzzed and I could take my seat.

When at the table, it was friendly and there were a few drunks. Every now and then the odd profanity slipped out. After 2 or 3 times, the friendly dealer explained we’re here for fun but try not to swear. The drunky apologised, had a laugh, we all had a good time and it was fun. What a huge difference……

Is the above just a pipe dream for what could be in England? Or will the casinos listen to the players and one day create a fun playing environment where we don’t walk away feeling like we’ve just played at the local police station holding area…. Hmmm

Disappointing, but at least it was a winning session right? 🙂

Anyway, that’s a wrap for this post. Folding time, see ya!


@my_casinos is the Gala twitter handle. After tweeting about my issues it appears Gala are going to follow this up and maybe take some action… Quite interesting, another reason why twitter is just brilliant. Anyway, I’ll update with any further details that may come out of this! And well done to Gala for embracing twitter but let’s hope it actually does cause action to be taken!

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My England Thoughts – With Video!

Good evening fellow England fans, and also good evening to all foreign fans who watched tonight, and laughed. Yup.. We laughed too…

This is a rant post. Don’t read it if you don’t like rants.. but DO watch the video at the end of the post.. Its hilarious! 😀 – Also feel free to comment. I’d be interested in hearing others views (note you can log into my blog using ur Facebook, MSN, Twitter or Gmail account!!!)

First of all, I rate Capello. He won the league with Real Madrid (twice) and both times got sacked for playing boring football. Sound familiar? The reason I rate him, is he’s very intelligent. He has faith in players, he likes to give them freedom to shine, and he rewards them for doing so. However, this is very obviously not the English way….

I think it’s obvious who the big let downs were… Heskey (Capellos fault for playing him?), Rooney (Given freedom, did nothing) and Gerrard (Captain and fell under pressure). Now, Capello gave Gerrard and Rooney freedom to be skillful world class players, but what actually happened (which I found quite interesting) was that both players fell to pressure, and proved they were not good enough to play out of position or to shine without the rest of the team to help…. This is VERY interesting, as compared with some of the other top players in the world, they suddenly look like one trick pony’s!

Now what’s the answer? Ok Capello can play them in position. That would help, a LOT, but we then still have big weaknesses which no manager is going to be able to resolve. The lack of English home grown skillful players is beginning to come out in full force. Our England team has been getting worse and worse since the likes of Beckham, Scholes, Owen (back in the day!), Sheringham and Shearer retired… (I know Owen hasn’t retired but he’s still not the same player..) – Who’s replaced them?

Wright-Phillips? Can run but just not enough skill in the tank or class on the ball
Lennon? Similar issue
Walcott? Oh wait, the manager didn’t even pick him!
Heskey? Defoe? Crouch? Hardly the class we need!

It’s a sad day because it’s a day us England fans have seen the REAL England… A lot of teams make our players look good, and today a very bad team made our players look awful.

What’s worse is the reputation is now damaged. What can we do against Slovenia to change this blog post…? Winning even 3 – 0 may not be enough to give us faith in the squad…

Today however, is a VERY happy day to be a Leeds fan. We thought it was tough watching our team under perform? We’re now watching a team show their true selves and there’s nothing anyone can do! That’s a bit worse!

Finally: Rooney aggressively insulted the England fans for booing at the end of the match… Rooney needs to wake up and smell the air, and stop being such a scummy git!

I promised a video.. This was just to cheer everyone up… Sorry about the quality but it is absolutely hilarious!!!!

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The Unluckiest Month Ever?

This month is starting to really turn unlucky for me!

It started off with a cash game at Alea’s in Leeds. As a 98.3% favourite on a flop of AK3 (rainbow) where I held AK against AQ in a £375 pot, the turn was a J and river was a T… One of the only 3 combinations of cards I could lose to.

Then online it got no better, with some absolutely huge outdraws over and over again. In 4 long sessions of poker every premium hand lost (or picked up the blinds pre flop)… Including sets..!

Then this weekend, I bet on Chelsea who go 1 – 0 against Man City in the opening minute, miss a penalty and lose 2 – 1… Then I bet on spurs against an injury ridden Everton. Spurs go up 2 – 0, Everton make it 2 – 2 in the last 2 minutes.. Then spurs miss a penalty in injury time to win it.

So as you can see, I’ve been pretty darn unlucky!

Now the positives.. I haven’t made a loss in anything! The poker buy-in was paid for by winnings, and the bets on the footy also from winnings of previous bets. Bankroll management in Poker is incredibly important but also in general life! Many people will have a bad run and go bankrupt, so at least I’m treading sensibly and even with my incredibly bad run, I still have plenty held back for my Vegas roll!

Something has to happen soon for this luck to turn around. With the B-1 Visa Interview on Thursday, I think that would be pretty darn good timing… Don’t you?!

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