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New Myspace – Last.FM meets Spotify meets Sexy….

Today I received an invite to the closed beta for the new MySpace. My initial excitement was shortly followed by a humble “meh” after thinking back to what MySpace became in recent years… I shuddered to think about the highly customised profiles with colours that would make your eyes scream, fonts that were impossible to read, and ultimately a social network for people over the top…

So when I logged in, I was completely surprised by the simplistic, minimalistic yet beautiful interface that reminded me of the new Windows 8 UI, only shinier.

What is the new MySpace? Well, it has a slightly different purpose than the old one. Gone is the focus on being friends with Tom, and instead we have a focus on music. MySpace has become a music application. It’s designed to listen to and discover new music. It contains all the features you’d imagine (similar to Spotify) including:
1) Self-created playlists
2) Ability to share/listen to others playlists
3) Pre-set radio stations
4) Self-generated radio stations based on a song or artist

However, in reality this contains so much more. Songs can have video’s attached to them which are easily accessible, and when watching a video, it beautifully maximises full screen (within the browser window) with side panels that minimise to continue exploring while the video is playing. Oh, and once it stops, whatever playlist you were listening to before automatically continues (small feature but nice).

Added to this, if you close your browser, log on to another machine and open it up, it automatically continues where it left off. Gone is the need for a downloadable application such as Spotify, and instead you have a browser based version which looks better, is super fast, and contains a lot more features.

This is where last.FM comes into it. Last.FM is a successful music social network – Stores your music library, lets you listen to radio stations, and you can connect with friends with similar interests. Well, MySpace makes the connecting and sharing process a LOT easier now. There’s a simple connect button on every artist and song which adds it to your profile, and the UI easily also allows you to listen to and add music to your playlist within the current window.

I think for MySpace to work, people will need to change their perception from what it was, to what it is now. As a music application, it blows Spotify away. As a music social network, it blows away. This isn’t attempting to compete with the facebooks and twitters of the world – it is simply a music only focus but the ability to connect with friends does then increase the amount of time spent within the site.

I’ve included a load of screenshots for you all to see the new UI in it’s full glory below. Comment and let me know what you think!

New Myspace Home Page
Home Page

New Myspace Profile Page
Profile Page

New Myspace Artist Profile Page
Artist ProfilePage

New Myspace Discover Page
Discover Page

New Myspace Discover Mixes Page
Discover Mixes Page

New Myspace Discover Music Page
Discover Music Page

New Myspace Discover Videos Page
Discover Videos Page

New Myspace Full Screen Video Page
Full Screen Video Page

New Myspace My Artists Page
My Artists Page

New Myspace Playing Mix Page
Playing Mix Page

New Myspace Playing Video Page
Playing Video Page

New Myspace Search For Artist Page
Search For Artist Page

New Myspace Song Options Page
Song Options Page

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I pirate music – Will bands hate me?

Ok, on the face of it the answer will be yes. I download music illegally, and thus the band doesn’t receive the royalty. Technically, I’m a criminal.

Now let’s look into it a bit deeper. In my case, I go to a LOT of gigs. Gigs not only cost a lot more than an album, but a bigger percentage of income from gigs go to the bands rather than albums which goes to record labels.

A lot of these bands I see are quite small in England, such as Escape the Fate for example who I’m seeing for the second time in a few weeks. Without downloading their music illegally, I would never have heard of them. Without hearing their music, I would never be going to their gig, thus bands are getting more money from me because I download their music illegally…

In fact, the ONLY bands losing out, are ones where I download their music illegally and don’t like it so I don’t go see them – But for me, that’s what life is about. You don’t like something so you’re not going to pay for it! No one buys clothes that don’t fit right? Why should music be any different?

There are a lot of people that download music and don’t see gigs – I’m not justifying what they do, but to be honest I’m a bit tired of an older generation looking badly at me personally because I download music illegally. Do some maths, work it out – Here are the gigs I’ve been to see below:

Shinedown (times 3)
Papa Roach (times 3)
The Crave (times 2)
Stone Sour
Avenged Sevenfold
Alter Bridge
The Veer Union
Puddle of Mud
Foo Fighters
Theory Of A Deadman
Escape The Fate
Hollywood Undead
Drowning Pool
Digital Summer
The Subways
The Strokes
System Of A Down
Marilyn Manson
Eminem & D-12 (A loooong time ago!)


Papa Roach
Escape The Fate

I’d average each gig at about $40 to $50… You do the maths 🙂

Just to finish on a good note, a vid of my most recent gig below. Stone Sour (singing through the glass!)

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Mid-Vegas Update

Hi All!

Though I wasn’t planning to do a poker update till the end of the vacation, I had a long crazy session today and wanted to note down some hands for reference. In summary it’s been a really fantastic 2 days! Not only did I get on the guest list to a police cover band at the hard rock, but I made a load of cash as well as losing some huge pots. Whys that great you may ask yourself? Well, poker players will lose hands. Its as simple as that. We’ll get great all in as a huge favourite and lose.. a lot. The important thing is to make money from the times you can and make sure that’s ahead of your losses. Rather than the past 2 days being a load of “luck”, I’ve lost some big hands but minimised damage and really value betted weak hands against weak opponents where I could exploit them. This is where the money comes from in Vegas cash games, so I’m pretty darn happy so far. To summarise, I’m $530 up so far after about 14 hours of poker in 2 days.

——————GENERAL (NONE POKER)————————

I’ve saved the deep poker analysis for the end of this blog so all you none poker readers can see what I’m up to 🙂

Tomorrow (or Today as it’s 4:44am) brings a lot of fun. Will be seeing HIM again (but not taking any phones…) as well as an evening of poker, then on Monday I’m spending the day at the pool in Hard Rock with a friend who lives in town, before playing more in the evening. Happy to be meeting people around here as I’m going to be back a whole load more… The dealers are getting to know my name too which is pretty fun, though I’m not sure about Jen thinking I was gay due to my lack of flirting..! Pfft – I was working damnit!

Also got the news I’m having to cut my holiday short a day to fly to LA to visit some clients. I was a bit meh at first, but it’s cool. A week is enough for now and I want to get out and see clients as much as possible while I’m here so looking forward to it. Hopefully it won’t rain this time…

——————POKER ANALYSIS————————

Anyway back to the poker!

So a couple of the bad hands included a weak top pair with on a flop. I’m first to act on the flop after he called my $12 raise pre flop from the blinds, so I do a standard bet of $20 which he thinks about and raises to $50. Now I know he’s capable of doing this with nothing and we’d run into each other a few times. His range included nearly all weaker aces and even most tens here! I’m either all in or folding but he has $120 behind so I figure I’ll let him make another play on the turn. I call and the turn is – I check, he goes all in.. thus I call knowing I was ahead on the flop. Unfortunately he had to make 2 pair – The only thing I could have done differently is 1) fold the flop or 2) push the flop. I’m not sure I like the fold as his range for the raise is very big, which leaves pushing the only other option… Saying that if it was any other turn card, I figure he still would have pushed so I’m happy with the play.

Against the same guy several hands earlier though there was a pretty standard cooler with his against my .. It’s always a tough one to see but it’s easy to play and easy to get over. These 2 hands cost me $350 alone.

On the good side of life, one of my best ever plays came from a stone cold bluff with – UTG who hardly ever plays a hand straddles to $4. 4 callers so I figure I have some value! I call, he makes it $15, and everyone also calls that! So the flop comes – UTG bets out a straight $35 which is the worst bet I’ve seen. He’s left himself with $100 but the pot was already $60, and with 5 people in the hand and as a player I respected and thought was very good, $35 is just so weak! I mean what could he have? A strong ace bets more and if he had a weak pair he’s just giving it away! It’s folded round to me on the button and with T high I just can’t fold… I can’t put him on a strong ace so figure him to be on a really bad hand… So I push in the $135 casually, he thinks for about 2.5 seconds and mucks.

Re-looking at the above I took a $100 pot there on a flop with ten high… No pair, no draws, NO showdown equity at all. This is where the difference is between the luck players and the skill ones, so I was pretty happy with my read!

The whole night was like that really… I was reading people spot on, but I took another huge hit when my on a ran into !!! My stack was going from between $200 and $700 way too much, but finished this particular session on $600 which I thought was pretty fair.

Anyway, guess I better get some sleep. Less than 3 weeks till I’m back in England and REALLY looking forward to seeing everyone 🙂 I expect to be hungover most days while I’m in England though if I do see everyone in the few weeks I’m there 😉

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