Apple Users – Kidnapped?

Just read a fantastic article claiming there is now research to suggest iPhone users (and from this, owners of any Apple products) can have a form of Stockholm syndrome whereby they feel loyal to their “owners” in essence.

Though it sounds hilarious at first, reading through the article it becomes more and more understandable and believable. I mean heck, most Apple fan-boys will say the next Apple product is great, even though we don’t know what it will be, do or even look like!

I do think the same is true to other brands however, though I wonder how much of a challenge this poses to advertisers of much smaller brands trying to make their stance in the market… If someone targets a market currently dominated by a firm that has the majority of their customers in a form of Stockholm syndrome loyalty, is it possible for standard advertising to take them away? Definitely something to consider! Anyway, article from CNET below:

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